Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 24, 2010

Yet another call for new leadership of the MD GOP

A new website is up and running where Maryland Republicans can voice their support for a change in the leadership of the Maryland GOP.   I signed it.  See New Leadership, Fresh ideas here.

You might also want to voice your support for the “Chambers Compact” which begins:

We have joined together to make a unified case for what we see as the prerequisites for the Maryland Republican Party’s vision and leadership in the coming years.

Being a Republican and conservative in Maryland is a frustrating proposition. Witness last week’s mid-term elections in which a Republican tide swamped most of the nation, yet Maryland remained one of few insular pockets of blue. Looking at the sweeping Republican victory in the House of Representatives and tremendous gains in the Senate, those on the right here in the Free State realize our side won the day on a national scale, but lost here at home.

As a movement, momentum is on our side. More and more individuals, even here in Maryland, recognize that larger government is not the answer. That we need to keep taxes low, cut spending, and promote small business. Yet, for a host of reasons, the story of our movement’s vision hasn’t captured the imagination of a majority of Maryland’s voters.

It is imperative that this change, and that the Maryland Republican Party’s new leadership be the vanguard of that change. Building on those tactics that have proved successful, the party must pick itself up, dust itself off, and organize itself. Infighting must end—and, from a unified front, we can take our winning arguments, cultivate candidates, and educate voters.

Read it all.

See also yesterday’s open letter to Central Committee members from Farrell Keough.


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