Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 17, 2010

Poffenberger the Progressive Part IV: Illegal immigration

Editors note:  For new readers, you may wish to first visit Part I of Poffenberger the Progressive here and follow links to Parts II and III.

As I said in Part I of this series of posts on the campaign in Maryland for the District 2b House of Delegates seat, although I’m a Tea Partier and longtime supporter of Republican Neil Parrott, I didn’t have any strong feelings against the Democrat Brien Poffenberger.  I thought his first in a series of glossy flyers about his family’s 300 years of history in the area sounded elitist, but it wasn’t until he tarred and feathered Parrott with a couple of lying flyers about how politcal newcomer and small businessman Parrott was sending jobs to China (yes, no kidding!) that I started to pay attention.

This next in my series on Poffenberger the Progressive is on illegal immigration and begins with a story. 

The Hagerstown Tea Party with my help had set up an educational forum back in July on illegal immigration.  We had invited the leading expert on the issue in Maryland—Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick County, and the leading grassroots organizer—Brad Botwin of Help Save Maryland to tell us about the status of illegal immigration in Maryland and what we might be able to do about it.  If you recall the Arizona bill was all the talk back then.

About midday on the day of the forum, July 20th, I met Brien Poffenberger at AgExpo and invited him to attend (he had also been sent an invitation). He declined saying he had to door-knock.  Now, I know that door-knocking is critical but this was July afterall, I figured he could spend 2 hours learning about illegal immigration and not lose too much time campaigning.  Besides, as it turns out, there were 175 bipartisan attendees and his presence could have won him some voters.

I took his ‘no’ answer to mean that either he didn’t want to be in a room with Tea Partiers, he was uncomfortable with conservatives, or he didn’t want to learn anything about illegal immigration from the experts—-maybe all three.   But, I wasn’t angry about his refusal to attend, he is a Democrat afterall.  I didn’t give it another thought, until I got the Flyer

Poffenberger’s Illegal immigation flyer

This one is not the flyer I wrote about in Parts I, II and III.  It is a flyer in which Poffenberger claims he will be tough on Illegal immigration.  Well, imagine my surprise.  He must have had an epiphany since July.  In very large black and white print with barbed wire running diagonally across the page, Poffenberger says, “When it comes to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION (barbed wire) There is NO GRAY AREA.”    On the other side he declares he will be tough and “follow Arizona’s lead” (blah, blah, blah) and be tough on employers who break the law. 

He goes on to say he will “fight for strong measures to protect and seal our borders.”  What on earth does a state delegate do to seal the Mexican border?  What office does he think he is running for?  Come to think of it, if he had come to our Tea Party forum back in July, he might be able now to articulate what he could do as a state legislator on this contentious issue.

 You get the drift.

More poll results?

Back in August or early September, Poffenberger had a polling firm from Colorado calling around Washington County to find out how to push voters’ buttons.  His polling must have shown that Illegal immigration is a hot topic in Washington County, thus the flyer.

So, are we expected to believe that Poffenberger will buck Gov. O’Malley, the AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Commerce on this issue?

Can we really believe that Democrat Brien Poffenberger, if elected, will go to Annapolis and if O’Malley is re-elected he will tell O’Malley that that business of calling Illegal aliens, New Americans, is foolish?  Update:  More on O’Malley and new Americans, here.  Will he buck his own party in the state and support an Arizona bill?  You tell me!

And, then is Poffenberger not aware that the US Chamber of Commerce (Poffenberger is on leave from the local Chamber of Commerce) supports amnesty?  Will he buck the Chamber and support tougher sanctions on employers if he gets to Annapolis?  You tell me.

Finally, Poffenberger is endorsed by the AFL-CIO and they too support amnesty (see Chamber link above).   Will he tell the big labor union to take a hike?  You tell me.

Not likely on all three counts!  So in conclusion, once again voters of 2b are treated like we are a bunch of dummies and will fall for phony campaign promises.  He and his friends just don’t get what one of the most important things Tea Partiers are fighting for—freedom from lying campaigns and candidates who say one thing and do another!


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