Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 16, 2010

Poffenberger the Progressive, Part III

Here we go again.  Every other day or so I guess we can expect Democrat Big Bucks Brien (Poffenberger) to have another glossy flyer in our mail boxes dishing dirt on his Republican opponent for District 2b in Washington County, MD.   But, can you imagine how much money Poffenberger must have in order to send a flyer today with the same ridiculous charge he made two days ago—that Neil Parrott was responsible for sending jobs to China!  How funny is that!  And, how stupid does he think Washington County voters are?

The James Carville Memo

There is one slight twist!   Remember yesterday (in Part II) I told you that Bill Clinton’s sidekick  and space alien lookalike, James Carville (with help from the AFL-CIO), had sent around a memo to Democrats to tell them to say Republicans are sending jobs overseas.  Obviously Carville said jump and Poffenberger said how high!

Here is what Carville instructed the lemmings to say:

It [the memo] also encouraged them to say, “I have a different approach, to give tax breaks for small businesses that hire workers and give tax subsidies for companies that create jobs right here in America.”

Here then is what the latest flyer from money bags Brien says:

We need tax breaks for small businesses so that they can create local jobs….”  (gee where did we see that before!).

Stay tuned for the next flyer—bet you a buck that Poffenberger will do what Carville instructs and tell all of us voters (who Poffenberger/Carville obviously think are not too bright) what he will do to create jobs right here in Maryland (unlike bad boy Neil Parrott who wants jobs to go to China). Yes, siree! 

Who is paying for all this?

So where is Big Bucks Brien getting the funding for all those slick and silly flyers.  Check out his donors here at the Maryland Board of Elections Campaign Finance website.  One thing I noticed is that the majority of his Big Bucks are not coming from people who live in 2b!  And, normally I wouldn’t care about this except for the fact that Poffenberger is using his money to mail lies to voters instead of talking about the issues that a State legislator could reasonably be expected to deal with.  I guess he hasn’t been paying attention to one of the main things driving the Tea Party movment—dirty political tactics have got to stop.

To make things easy for you, here are all the donors I spotted who gave over $500 (I call that Big Bucks!) to Poffenberger to help him with his dirty tricks (so far):

David Parry

James Hamill

Harold Lucas

Kensington LLC

Wayne Ridenour

Susquehanna Bankshares PAC

Randall Barber

Michael Morrill

Mary Baykan and husband

Eleanora Poffenberger

Temple Vokrat

Law Offices of Arthur Schneider

Marylanders for Miller

MSEA Fund for Children and Public Educ.

Arnold Callaham

David Russo

LEG PAC ($1000 from D.C.?)  Update:  This is US Senator Ben Cardin’s PAC, here.

Mitesh Kathari

Peter Hutt

Collegiate Acres LLC

Virginia Bowen

John Waltersdorf

James O’Brien

Timothy Foley

David Russo

Edward Lough

Glen Davidson

Merle Elliott

Mauren Chelius

 Tomorrow!  Look for Poffenberger the Progressive, Part IV—Immigration.



  1. I have to tell you there is some serious Democratic money coming from someplace because the candidate for State Senate here in District 38 (Jim Mathias, who’s currently a one-term plus a few month Delegate) has sent us SIX glossy full-color four-page mailings in the last week.

    Do me a favor – check and see if the Presorted imprint is Permit No. 5165, Riverdale, Maryland. Mine also has a code of MDSD38-x (with x being the sequence of 1 thru 6 that I’ve received them.) I would suspect yours would be something like MDHD02B-x then.

    Maybe we can smoke something out here.

    • Michael, will check it out. I’d like to know if the same claim is being sent by Mathias—that his opponent is sending jobs to China just because he signed a ‘no new taxes pledge?’ I think this is what the voters are sick of—lying and dirty tricks! I wonder these Democrats don’t get that!

  2. Not with Mathias; he’s using his mailings to burnish his so-called “conservative” credentials (runs his office efficiently, voted against the sales tax increase, pro-death penalty) and they don’t mention his opponent. If anything, he’s trying to run against Martin O’Malley.

    However, Frank Kratovil has leveled that charge here against Andy Harris in the Congressional race. I’m a little surprised it’s filtered down to the state level in your area. I don’t think that tactic would necessarily work here since we don’t (and never really did) have a lot of manufacturing – our economy is based on chickens and tourists.

    • Hi again, Well that’s why the charge is so ridiculous here—we don’t have manufacturing, we are pretty much a farming county and we have lots of warehouses and stuff like that. Neil Parrott has nothing to do with jobs going overseas. Honestly, Poffenberger has foolishly jumped on the Carville bandwagon whether it fits here or not. He must think the voters are too stupid to know any better. Poffenbergers whole premise is that by signing the ‘no new taxes pledge’ that somehow sends jobs to China and Mexico.

  3. […] Update October 16th:  Part III is here. […]

  4. The question for voters in District 2-B is simple. Do you want to send another liberal Democrat (Poffenberger) to represent us in Annapolis, or do you want a conservative Republican (Neil Parrott)?

    Bigger government, more job stifling regulation, and higher taxes liberal Poffenberger, or smaller government, lower taxes, more responsible use of our tax money, conservative Neil Parrott? Seems pretty straight forward to me.

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