Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 24, 2010

Inviting RINOs to a (Tea) Party

That is the title of a thought-provoking piece written by Ron Lipsman and posted at The Land of the Free.

Since I had just earlier this week met with some conservative women and talked about just this—how do we begin to undo decades, indeed some would say more than a century, of the Left taking over our institutions—Lipsman’s piece came to my attention at this opportune time.   Incidentally, I was delighted to discover that, if its the same Ron Lipsman, he is a retired professor from the University of Maryland making him a ‘homeboy’ so to speak.

We expect Republicans to do well in November, but many of us fear a return to the days when we thought Newt and the boys would take care of things and didn’t.  Mr. Lipsman says two things need to happen to secure a return to conservative values and small government.

Here is how he begins:

All the polls predict substantial gains for the Republican Party in this fall’s midterm elections. Some pundits are even claiming that the GOP will capture one or both houses of Congress. Many conservatives are licking their chops at the prospect, believing that whether the GOP takes control or only comes close, it will spell the end of any chance for Obama to further his radical remake of America according to his statist/Keynesian/multicultural vision.

Perhaps such thinking is correct. But only in the short term. Exactly as the GOP takeover of Congress in 1994, exactly as the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, and certainly as the election of either Bush did not herald a halt to the ongoing progressive capture of the American polity and culture, the coming Republican tsunami (no matter how strong) will prove just as ephemeral in its effect. Unless other fundamental changes accompany the anticipated Republican sweep in two months, the leftist onslaught that has buried America in: gargantuan government, collectivist programs, Keynesian economics, multicultural drivel, anti-religious morals, and a welfare state mentality; that onslaught will continue. In particular, the fickle electorate will tire of the new Republican majority as quickly as it soured on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid regime, and the country will resume its oscillation between hard left Democratic governance (à la Obama, Carter and Johnson) and faux conservative Republican leadership (such as Bushes, Nixon and Ford).

The Right must achieve two fundamental transformations

 (LOL! That’s all!)

For that (political pendulum swinging to the left after November) not to occur, the right in America must achieve two monumental transformations that would be mirror images of the stupendous changes engineered by the left over the last century.

1. True conservatives must take complete control of the Republican Party, exactly as hard core liberals have commandeered the Democratic Party.
2. Conservatives must recapture the country’s culture, which is now almost completely characterized by the preferences of leftists, progressives and multiculturalists. This means in particular, wresting control of the media, educational establishment, legal profession, academia, major foundations, librarian societies and government bureaucracies from the clutches of the liberals who dominate these venues and through them establish the cultural norms of the nation.

Continue reading this important piece, here.   Lipsman thinks it’s doable!


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