Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 22, 2010

Maryland Tea Party activists called ‘orphans’…

…. used and abused by both major political parties.

First we have the O’Malley campaign trying to pin an extremist Tea Party label on Bob Ehrlich causing most of us to fall on the floor laughing.  (ROFLMAO—did I get that right?)

From the Examiner:

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s campaign sought to tag Republican challenger Bob Ehrlich with the Tea Party label on Tuesday in what the governor’s campaign characterized as a retaliatory strike against negative GOP ads.

O’Malley’s campaign linked Ehrlich to the Tea Party hours after the national Republican Governor’s Association aired anti-O’Malley TV ads across the state.

‘Orphans’ know that Bob Ehrlich is no Tea Party lover.  See what he said about Sarah Palin, here.

Maryland GOP spokesman Ryan Mahoney said O’Malley’s campaign is trying to stoke Democrats’ fear of the growing Tea Party movement.

“They are trying to paint the whole movement as extreme,” he said. “For the most part, Tea Party groups are concerned with the same things Republicans are concerned about,” he added, citing big government and overspending as common priorities.

Political science professor Thomas Schaller said Ehrlich is too moderate to appeal to the Tea Party.”Ehrlich strikes me as the least Tea Party-inclined Republican candidate I can think of,” said Schaller, a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. “He has spent his entire career positioning himself as a moderate.”

Until Tuesday, O’Malley’s campaign largely ignored the growing national wave of Tea Partiers. But last week’s primaries orphaned thousands of right-wing voters who rallied behind failed candidate Brian Murphy.

Which is it O’Malley?  Make up your mind.  First we have your campaign linking Ehrlich to Tea Partiers, then this:

“Bob Ehrlich ceded 25 percent of the Republican Party vote in Maryland [to Murphy last week]” said O’Malley campaign spokesman Rich Abbruzzese. “It’s clear that the Tea Party has not embraced Bob Ehrlich.”

Now Ehrlich welcomes Tea Partiers:

In the meantime, Ehrlich’s campaign is welcoming the Tea Party association.

“There are certainly Tea Party members who support us and we welcome their votes,” said Ehrlich spokesman Andy Barth. “If they are for fiscal responsibility, then we support them.”

By making that statement Mr. Barth implies that if we Tea Partiers have other issues besides fiscal ones then Ehrlich doesn’t welcome us.  But, Mr. Barth, is Ehrlich for fiscal responsibility?    That is something that is still not clear.   

Hey, I’m o.k. with being an orphan, how about you?



  1. I’m okay with being an orphan as far as the governor’s race is concerned…that’s now water under the bridge.

    Ehrlich isn’t where it’s at so that isn’t where my time, money, energy or vote will be. There are many other CONSERVATIVE candidates who won their primaries or who didn’t have opponents in primaries, who NEED US ORPHANS!

    If you are a Murphy supporter with energy and drive to see good candidates elected don’t give up! There are others who need, want and will welcome your enthusiastic and energetic help. Come on Murphy supporters, find those candidates and get to work where you can still do some good and have some impact!! Look especially to those disctricts that the Republican ruling elite have given up on, where it’s likely only one Republican candidate is running. Contact those candidates and find out if they are conservative and get behind them. The party hasn’t, but we can! We should! We must!

    Let Ehrlich win or lose with his moderates. There are other races that better deserve your attention and support!

  2. […] Hey, Bob, you had Tea Party people right here in Maryland (not flyover country unless you count the four counties to the West) when you and the MD GOP establishment cooked up that special (Rule 11) deal with Steele for endorsement by the GOP BEFORE THE PRIMARY—and effectively tore the already struggling MD GOP to shreds.  Remember that Maryland Tea Partiers were “orphans” in 2010. […]

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