Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 28, 2010

Glenn Beck discusses the eight stages of a social movement, urges Tea Partiers to attend 8/28 rally

With all the media hype these days about the Tea Party movement waning (we mentioned a Mother Jones story about that just yesterday, here), Glenn Beck revealed first to his radio audience and then to TV viewers a blueprint created by Leftists—Eight stages to success in a social movement—and encourages everyone to fight on.  Hat tip:  Tom

Beck sets it up:

….. we’re going to include this in the free e mail newsletter, The Eight Stages of Social Movement Success by Bill Moyer (Link). Now, Bill Moyer is not the Bill Moyers from PBS. I thought it was the other day, but it’s not. It’s just another socialist freak. But they were trying to stop the United States from building nuclear power plants, and the plan was that we would have 2,000 nuclear power plants in America operating by the year 2000 and, of course, the left couldn’t have that. So he met with everybody and said, you know, well, what is the plan? They came up with a plan, and the legend is that he went back to his hotel and he came up with this eight stages of a social movement.

Beck goes on to explain the steps and suggests we are at Step 5 where people are tired or demoralized and want to quit.  But, we need to recognize that this is part of a normal movement and we must persist.   He says we can’t expect the political class (the ruling class!) to see us through.  It will take someone outside the system, someone like Sarah Palin.

The Tea Party movement is the majority of Americans. Whether you stand with the Tea Party movement or not, the idea of government “Get out of my way” is quintessential, America. For whatever you think of Sarah Palin, there are a large number of people that believe it’s going to take somebody who’s not in the system, who has contempt for the system. And I don’t see that in Mitt Romney, I don’t see that in Newt Gingrich, I don’t see that in who else is on this? Jindal maybe. The identity crisis of powerless, the belief that the movement is failing, that you’re just stuck in protest. People get tired. This is where we are.

Beck says that the 8/28 “Restoring Honor” event in Washington will be historic and will help all of us who want to restore America to see that we can go on through Step 5 to ultimate victory.  But, he warns, we must be vigilant against anything but a peaceful demonstration of our resolve.

The movement needs to make a deliberate effort to undercut this problem. First it needs to reduce the feelings of despair and disempowerment by providing activists with a long term strategic framework such as MAP which helps them realize that they are powerful and winning and not losing. The nonviolent policy must also be enforced by having nonviolent guidelines and training for all demonstration participants and by having adequate peace keeping at all demonstrations. This is why I have asked you to sign the Martin Luther King pledge. It is available at It has on this pledge it has things that I’m asking you to do to prepare yourself for 8/28. I also ask you to prepare yourself to witness miracles and a point in history that very few have actually seen in this country. What is going to happen on 8/28, make no mistake, will be historic. Be there.

Western Marylanders will be there!

I learned last night that the Hagerstown Tea Party is now filling its 5th bus.  It’s not too late!

From the Hagerstown Tea Party news:

We are organizing a bus trip for the Glenn Beck 8/28/10 Rally in DC from Hagerstown. The main stop will be in Hagerstown, MD, however we will plan to have stops in Hancock, Chambersburg, Martinsburg and Frederick if there are at least 20 people in each of those locations. According to the most current schedule, Sarah Palin will be the first speaker, so we will want to arrive in DC by 9:30 am in order to give us enough time to be there for the 10 am start. As such, we will be LEAVING from Hagerstown at 8:00 am, with a check-in starting at 7:30 am. The buses should return to Hagerstown by 3 pm. The cost per person is $22 before July 10th, $25 per person before August 10th, and then $30 after August 10th. We’ll take as many buses as we can fill, so please reserve your seat early. Reservations are considered made when the money has been received. You may either mail a check to the Hagerstown TEA Party, 20005 Lindenhurst Ct, Hagerstown, MD, 21742, bring a check to our house at that address, OR you may send a paypal to, indicating who your payment is for and providing a phone number. Please see the attached flyer for complete registration information. We are VERY EXCITED for this trip, and hope that you (and all of your friends!) will join us.



  1. […] As an enthusiastic supporter of Brian Murphy for Governor, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that Sarah Palin will come to Maryland (maybe around the time when she is in Washington, DC for the Glenn Beck RESTORING HONOR rally). […]

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