Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 5, 2010

Why did Maryland GOP leaders endorse Thomas Perez to head US Justice Department division?

Update July 23rd: More on why the Kanes might be soft on illegal immigration at Blue Ridge Forum, here.

Update: Lots more on Perez here.

This post will likely contain more questions then answers and I wouldn’t even be writing it today if it hadn’t been for the fact that Bob Ehrlich, a Republican primary candidate for governor of Maryland,  picked Mary Kane for his running mate.  That decision has opened a can of very slimy worms.

Seemingly within hours of the announcement the Maryland Democratic Party pounced on Mary’s husband John Kane’s legal problems that now involve the US Justice Department.   See my post Saturday here, and note the biggest shocker of all—Kane, former chairman of the Maryland GOP, wrote a chummy letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of the appointment of Thomas Perez, Labor Secretary in the O’Malley administration and former Casa de Maryland Board Member (some reports say Perez was Chairman of the board!), to head the Civil Rights Division in the Obama Justice Department.

For new readers and others not following the open borders movement in Maryland, Casa de Maryland is partially funded by taxpayers and is the chief proponent of amnesty for illegal aliens in Maryland, indeed in the US.

First question:  surely in his capacity as O’Malley’s Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez would have known the details of the Kane family legal problems, right?  Who sent the case information immediately to the Democratic Party after Ehrlich’s announcement on July 1?  Then here is another question for serious investigators that jumps immediately to mind, who brought the original case in 2007, was it an immigrant laborer who claimed that Kane played fast and loose with wages?  Indeed I suppose there was a possibility that Kane was set up?  Do the Democrats now have Ehrlich and Kane by the short hairs?  All important questions for another day.  Today I only have one major question.

Before I get to my original question, let’s go back to Perez for a moment.   Thomas Perez has a lengthy biography that appears to offer just what this White House wanted in the person to head the Civil Rights branch at Justice.  Notice however that Perez’s affiliation with Casa de Maryland has been removed from his bio, here.  In fact, because of that connection Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation says that Perez should recuse himself from any issue involving immigration at the Justice Department.

Obama’s political appointee, Thomas Perez, has an obvious conflict of interest that prevents him from providing objective advice to the President and the Attorney General on any issue involving illegal aliens. Prior to his nomination to Justice, Perez served as the president of Casa de Maryland, an extreme advocacy organization that opposes enforcement of our immigration laws.

Not only is he not recusing himself, he is deep in the middle of the decision to sue Arizona over its recent passage of a bill to control illegal immigration in that state.    An Arizona-like bill will be considered in Maryland during the next legislative session.

Perez has also been connected to the recent New Black Panthers case dismissal that is making headlines.

So, you have the picture, for Tea Partiers and conservatives generally Thomas Perez is very bad news!

In fact, US Senator Jeff Sessions raised his concerns about Perez’s affiliation with Casa during Senate confirmation hearings.  The left-leaning American Prospect, calling Perez “a progressive’s dream appointment,” offered this explanation as one of the reasons why Perez’s nomination had been held up for 6 months.

Senate Republicans have also expressed concern about Perez’s affiliation with what they see as “radical groups” — namely CASA de Maryland, whose work on behalf of immigrants is seen by conservatives as controversial. During Perez’s Senate hearings, Sen. Jeff Sessions accused the group of “promoting illegal immigration” because they published a pamphlet informing undocumented immigrants about their legal rights if they are caught in an immigration raid.

O.K. so we have US Senator Jeff Sessions, one of several Senate Republicans making a valiant effort to hold up the “progressives dream appointment”  of Thomas Perez,  and lo and behold, along comes John Kane, former chairman of the MD GOP and none-other than Minority leader of the Maryland House of Delegates, Tony O’Donnell (here), sending glowing letters to the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Perez. Did Sessions feel double-crossed by his own fellow Republicans? I don’t know the answer to that, but I would have.

Our colleague Richard Falknor, Blue Ridge Forum, reported all this last fall, but readers (including me) didn’t pay much attention to the issue until now, when former Governor (and would-be) nominee for governor this year, Bob Ehrlich, picked Mary Kane (a friend of Perez judging by the tone of  her husband’s letter) to be his running mate.

So now, here is the big question:

What could Mr. O’Donnell and Mr. Kane hope to gain for the Maryland GOP or for their own policy objectives by supporting Mr. Perez?***

Until I get a plausible explanation from Kane and O’Donnell, all of this indicates to me that the Maryland Republican establishment is too entangled with open borders advocates like Perez (and Obama),  and that Ehrlich (if he can even get elected in light of the Kane mess) will never be strong on immigration issues and Maryland will continue its dubious distinction as a sanctuary state.

*** If you know the answer, please comment to this post or write to me privately,

Off topic (sort of), but it’s something I’ve been pondering.  Do you remember when Republicans were about to choose John McCain as our candidate for President and some commentators (I remember Rush Limbaugh saying this repeatedly) said that the Democrats and the Democratic controlled media helped select our candidate because they knew who they wanted to run against?  And, even if he won, he (McCain) would be a manageable President from their perspective because he wasn’t very different than some Democrats.  I’ve wondered if the same strategy is being applied here in Maryland—Governor Bob is an easy mark and even if he should slip into office, he would be controllable.


  1. All great stuff, Ann, but I’m in the dark about your final comment. In what way are the media helping to select Bob Ehrlich? They’re not exactly hiding the weaknesses of Mary Kane as a candidate, are they?

    • Judy, maybe that last bit was just the result of rambling thoughts before the first cup of coffee. I certainly didn’t want to leave the impression that the mainstream media actually supported Ehrlich over O’Malley, however, I’m told the Washington Post did endorse Ehrlich in 2006. What I am trying, apparently not so clearly, to say is that the powers that be, in the media and elsewhere have already set up this race as an O’Malley vs. Ehrlich contest, I think because those are the ‘devils they know’ leaving out the fact that both until recently had, or in Ehrlich’s case still have, primary opponents. Ehrlich will be better than O’Malley from our perspective, but not enormously better. This case with Perez shows there isn’t a bit of difference between the Democrats and Republicans on illegal immigration (the issue I think is right up with over-spending as the top issue in the state).

      Remember when we were told that McCain was the best we could do in the election year climate that saw Obama come to power. McCain early on was the media darling (or they pretended to make him so). And, of course, they all turned on him when the “maverick” picked Sarah Palin—no longer was McCain the devil they knew.

      So, I wonder if the mainstream media, and the powers that be, are doing the same thing in the Governor’s race here—helping guide us to their preferred candidates?

      I haven’t seriously looked today, but is the media going after Mary Kane (other than the couple of articles I cited)?

  2. I think you’ll find that in most races the media focuses on the best-known candidates. Primary challengers to incumbents aren’t usually given much chance — of course, this year is different but the media are lazy and most aren’t going to research the opposition until something happens to make them think there is a credible challenge. As for Ehrlich, he’s obviously the “big” candidate because he’s been governor. I don’t think there’s any Machiavellian thinking behind it at this point.

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  20. Did Tony O’Donnell ever renounce or retract his statement of support for Perez? He is now running for US congress as a republican. How does he stand now on the issue of the Perez endorsement?

    • I have never seen any statement from O’Donnell saying he made a stupid mistake. If you see that, let me know.

      • Anne:
        I’ll definately raise the issue at the candidate forum he is scheduled to attend in College Park on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.

        If you live long enough, everyone racks up a few “stupid mistakes” The test of character is not the “mistake” but the ability to admit, learn from it, and move on. Let’s see if there is a chapter in Profiles in Courage that Tony can fit into. (One thing I admire about politicians, is when they have enough self-confidence to admit to a mistake; without that ability, anyone is a danger and threat in an office of public trust).

      • Yes, Lee, that is a good idea and I definitely agree—it is how one handles the mistakes made in the past. Be sure you follow links back and read his letter to the US Senate. There is no reason any MD Republican had to get involved with Perez’s nomination process.

        Let me know what he says!

      • Anne,
        I have copied the congressional senate record with his letter right there. So, we’ll do a little “fact check” on Wednesday as a place to begin Tony’s long way back to sanity — should he decide to accept the challenge. You think there should be a “politics annonymus”? Seems to work for other bad addictive habits. We are all recovering addicts of one sort or another; or simply in denial.

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