Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 2, 2010

Why I’m supporting Brian Murphy’s MD gubernatorial campaign

Some of you are saying, who is Brian Murphy? That’s what I find often when I mention him to friends.  And, why is that?  Why don’t we know his name?

Mostly because the Maryland Republican establishment has already tried to decide for Republican voters that only Governor Bob (Ehrlich) can beat the incumbent Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley.

So, let me understand this logic. Former Governor Ehrlich promises to be marginally better than the current Democratic governor on issues such as spending, taxes, and just possibly keeping Maryland from becoming even more of a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants.

His four previous years as governor were lackluster at best, so much so that grassroots folks didn’t work hard for him in 2006 and he subsequently lost to Mr. O’Malley.  Now we are expected to make the leap of faith and assert that only Ehrlich can beat O’Malley, huh!

Maryland is in a fiscal mess. We all know it.  On the budget desperation scale, we are not far behind California, New York and New Jersey.  Why not look to someone outside the establishment, someone who isn’t beholden to special interests?  How about a businessman like Brian Murphy?  Wouldn’t that be refreshing for a change?  He is most definitely not a career politician and for me that is one of his most appealing attributes.

Mr. Murphy supports issues near and dear to our hearts in western Maryland.  He is pro-life, strongly supports the second amendment right to bear arms, is the only gubernatorial candidate who has signed a pledge to oppose any new taxes, and is the only candidate who wants to get illegal immigration under control in Maryland and has publicly supported an Arizona-like bill for our state.

Conservatives and Tea Party types are facing the same dilemma from coast to coast—support the person who is most in line with their views on government or hold one’s nose and support the establishment candidate whose positions are blurred in an attempt to make everyone happy.  I say primaries are where this should be sorted out.

It is good for our country and good for Maryland to have vigorous primaries. The Democrats lost their chance to hone their positions when O’Malley’s primary challenger dropped out, but we conservatives still have an opportunity for a vigorous discussion of the issues and we should all be welcoming such debate and not playing games and pretending that Governor Bob is our only hope.  If nothing else, we should be letting Mr. Ehrlich know that there is a conservative groundswell he must not ignore.

I’ll be a good soldier and support whoever wins the Republican primary, but when we have governors Chris Christie (NJ), Jan Brewer (AZ) and Bobby Jindal (LA) as rising stars it is hard to imagine right now that Bob Ehrlich could morph into such a leader, but there is an excellent chance a new, young, enthusiastic candidate like Brian Murphy could.

Visit Mr. Murphy’s website here.

Update July 3: The Gazette has a lengthy article about Mr. Murphy, here.

And be sure to read this post on Ehrlich’s pick for Lt. Governor Mary Kane and illegal immigration.

Dates to remember! August 24th is the last day to register as a Republican.  September 14th is the primary election!


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  2. This is quite a thoughtful treatise.

    I, too, resent the MDGOP trying to push particular candidates down my throat, and it really angered me that the leadership decided to invoke Rule 11 without a vote of the party. Come on, they did it barely a week after a party convention which had Ehrlich as the star attraction (while Murphy was shunted into a corner) and where a vote of the party rank-and-file would have been nearly unanimous.

    Except for me. I don’t dislike Bob Ehrlich and certainly he’s better than O’Malley – then again, a name picked at random out of the phone book might be better than Martin O’Malley. But I don’t appreciate the party leaders trying to be smarter than the voters.

    • Amen,

      As a member of the MDGOP & a Central Committee member within my county, Audrey Scott & the gang have slammed the whole democratic process or we the people. Ignoring any possible dissent from GOP members and the possibility of a non partisen primary, is this their job?
      What are we doing here but giving Martin O’Malley a free ride by ignoring other canidates and shunning any chance they’d have in the primary! TheMDGOP leadership was NOT elected to choose the party canidates that THEY deem viable contenders. Their (Our) job is to conduct and facillitate a process which allows Maryland republicans to choose a canidate to represent the party!!

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  8. I would like Brian Murphy to e-mail me. I Pastor a Church in Essex Maryland with around 500.

    • Dr. Miller, I have passed the message to the campaign…thanks for your interest!

  9. Once again we are being told to vote for. Im tired of being told to vote for the candidate that a bunch of special interests got together and decided was the Republican best shot. I dont Care. If Ehrlich couldn’t beat Omalley last time then why do we think he will this time. I was registered as Unaffiliated and changed to vote in this primary. Not to mention that Maryland violates our civil rights by not allowing unaffiliated voters to vote in the NON PRIMARY NON PARTISAN local elections they hold during the primary elections. Vote your Conscience, do your homework and be an informed voter. It will bring you to vote Murphy if you are a true conservative.

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