Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 26, 2010

Manassas Tea party event — 1500 protest federal health care mandate

Update! This news story reported a crowd of 500, but organizers (see comment from Dan Arnold) tell us the number was 1500!  Way to go!

Last night hundreds turned out to hear Virginia Attorney General, Kenneth Cuccinelli, rail against Obamacare.

From Inside NoVA:

Many in the crowd, however, came to see Friday’s featured speaker, state Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, who lives in Nokesville.

Cuccinelli spoke mainly about Virginia’s lawsuit against the federal government over the insurance mandate included in the recently approved health care reform legislation.

“Everybody collects something, and I collect lawsuits against the federal government,” the Republican quipped, referring not only to the health care suit but one decrying Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Cuccinelli said that Democrats in Washington are “ignoring and trampling” the Constitution.

Specifically, he said that the federal government has no business requiring people to buy health insurance, or any product or service, really.

Read it all.  It is a relief to see that the so-called Health Care reform has not been forgotten by the grassroots.

Manassas Tea Party here.



  1. I’m the chairman of the Manassas Tea Party and we had well over 1500 people at this event. The media is not doing its job once again. This was an absolute throng and downtown Manassas has never seen anything like it. The people are mobilizing in Northern Virginia!

    • Oh, thanks so much for that news. I’ll make a correction!

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