Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 25, 2010

Dave Weigel quits the Washington Post

Update June 28th: Gateway Pundit has two other Weigel posts readers should visit, here and here.

Cliff Kincaid from Accuracy in Media has more here.  Hat tip:  Don.  He has the Soros connection too!

Update June 26th: Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer had also been a victim of Weigel’s so-called journalism, here.

And, here is the WaPo’s Ombudsman on the Weigel affair.  Give me a break, they couldn’t possibly have read many of his previous stories before hiring him.  And, wouldn’t you just love to know who his references were—George Soros?  Dick Armey? Grover Norquist? Charles Johnson?

This is too good. I told you about Weigel here, here and here.   In that first post I noted that Dick Armey actually allowed the “human rat” (not my description!) to sit in on a Freedom Works Tea Party strategy meeting—either Armey has rotten judgment or worse!

Ten days later I noticed that Weigel was actually creating controversy and thus a story while pretending to be a journalist at the first national Tea Party convention in Nashville.  At that point I did a little investigating.   Although once a reporter for Reason magazine, it turns out he also passed through a George Soros funded Center for Independent Media publication on his way up to the Washington Post.

In April, he became the official “conservative” watchdog blogger for the WaPo, but resigned today after e-mails were released in which he described many Republicans and conservatives using foul language.

Update: The Atlantic has more on the WaPo and its unhappy day.

WaPo staffer:

“How could we destroy our standards by hiring a guy stupid enough to write about people that way in a public forum?” one of my friends at the Post asked me when we spoke earlier today. “I’m not suggesting that many people on the paper don’t lean left, but there’s leaning left, and then there’s behaving like an idiot.”

All the Washington Post editor who hired Weigel had to do was read that article he wrote about Nashville, this one, and one can see that Weigel was actually agitating and becoming part of the story he was writing—not a good sign.



  1. […] I posted many times on Weigel’s career—it struck me that he was more of an agitator then a reporter.   At one point he wrote for the Washington Post as its Tea Party blogger (yes! no kidding) until he was urged to resign in 2010 when it was revealed he had written some really nasty e-mails about the Presidential candidates he was supposed to be reporting on, here. […]

  2. […] on, Republican conservatives.  I told you about Weigel—a friend of Grover Norquist—here in 2010 and in earlier posts.  In my view he has a penchant for juicing up stories by stirring […]

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