Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 1, 2010

Tea Party groups energized to support NumbersUSA and Arizona law

We have reported many times on these pages that inside-the-beltway Republicans have been working very hard to keep Tea Partiers away from the immigration issue (see this post to see what I mean!).  If you have followed the immigration saga over the last few years, you know that Bush and a number of his Republican insiders supported amnesty in 2007 and they are still at it today.   Here is NumbersUSA yesterday on the Tea Party groups which are active on the part of the Arizona law that is today causing fits for the open borders agitators.

Tea Party leaders have decided to use their activists to fight the Senate Amnesty bill unveiled yesterday afternoon by Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and four other Democratic Senators. The move contradicts the position of Dick Armey whose FreedomWorks organization helped spur the Tea Party movement.

In a recent email to its membership, the Tea Party Nation wrote:
“Burn up the phones and faxes! Call your representatives and senators!”

The Tea Party Patriots sent out an alert to its membership this week asking, “Do you support Arizona’s new immigration law and believe in the right of each state to protect its own citizens from the effects of illegal immigration?” The answer was yes! As of this afternoon, more than 36,000 Tea Party Patriots nationwide signed their petition in support of Arizona’s new Immigration Law and believe in the right of each state to protect its own citizens.



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