Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 2, 2010

Pajamas Media: Dale Robertson, a phony

Dale Robertson ( has characterized himself as a national Tea Party leader and has sought out national media attention, but it has been revealed that the controversial Houston resident has been pumping up his own importance and now it has been discovered he lied about his military service as well.  This is from Pajamas Media

Houston has a problem.

Rather, the Houston tea party groups have a problem — a character named Dale Robertson. He is a self-appointed “leader” of the tea party movement, most famous for carrying a sign at the 3/27 tea party in Houston with the word “niggar” on it.

Not surprisingly, he was asked to leave.


Unfortunately, Dale is very much not a hero to those who first encountered him in February of last year. He has been described as a fake, a con artist, and worse by frustrated tea party groups across the land.


The MSM [Mainstream media] was in search of a means to verify what they already believed — that tea party members are racist hicks (paying no heed to the movement’s sizable minority population). Dale Robertson provided them with that bugbear. Mr.Robertson clearly enjoys his time in the limelight. He does not seem to care how he got there or what kind of damage he is doing to the movement he professes to lead. Dale’s latest fundraising email showing Obama as a pimp has not helped his reputation, nor that of the movement.

Read what the Houston Tea Party says and also visit Gateway Pundit on the story.  Be sure to click on the link about his supposed military service.

The part I found most interesting in these posts was the discussion about how the Mainstream Media was trying to find as Pajamas Media says a “bugbear” (Olbermann was looking for a bugbear too!).  In fact I reported a quote from Robertson in the Washington Post here thinking he was a legitimate leader if (LOL!) the WaPo said so. I guess now in retrospect we have to praise Michael Steele for staying clear of this guy.

I tracked all this back a ways and found that two notorious Leftwingers were involved in promoting the photo of Dale Robertson with his disturbing sign.  One was Dave Weigel a reporter-cum-agitator (why did Freedom Works let Weigel anywhere near a Tea Party strategy meeting?) at the Washington Independent and the other was Charles Johnson at the now widely discredited Little Green Footballs.  I had to laugh when I saw those two involved, especially as they criticized the Washington Times for quoting Robertson without doing their homework on him, but not the Washington Post which did the same thing weeks after the Houston Tea Party had sounded the alarm!

The moral of the story for local grassroots groups:  Make sure Robertson hasn’t listed you as a member of his group.  And then remember that this is one more reason to maintain your independence from any supposed NATIONAL Tea Party organization!  Think nationally but act locally!



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